Unshackled ICE will unleash wave of unconstitutional (and no doubt deadly) incidents


rr 3-3-17Resistance Report for March 3, 2017

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …” Wait, scratch that. The Trump Regime is oiling the gears of its deportation force. One ICE agent even went so far as to say that his job will be “fun” again. But apparently no one in the Trump White House has been tasked with figuring out the actual impacts — human and economic — of mass deportations.

Reuters: Parents fearing deportation pick guardians for U.S. children

Parents who immigrated illegally to the United States and now fear deportation under the Trump administration are inundating immigration advocates with requests for help in securing care for their children in the event they are expelled from the country.


“What we have here is a growing network of interconnected databases that together are drawing in more and more information,” said Jay Stanley, a privacy expert at the American Civil Liberties Union. “If President Trump’s rhetoric on mass deportations is going to be turned into reality, then we’re going to see these tools turned in that direction.”

TAKE ACTION Adam Schwartz, Electronic Frontier Foundation: California Databases Must Not Be Used to Target Immigrants and Muslims

The California State Legislature is now considering two bills that would build a database firewall to block the flow of personal information from state and local government to federal efforts to deport immigrants and register people based on their religion, ethnicity, or national origin.

Andrew Cohen, Brennan Center for Justice: What ‘Taking the Shackles Off’ Really Means

Granting federal immigration agents more discretion and authority while at the same time guaranteeing that more sketchy candidates will join their ranks is patently bad policy that will result in a wave of unconstitutional (and no doubt deadly) incidents.

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