The U.S. Government has turned against U.S. Citizens!

The White House has decided it has the power to take over a sovereign country and steal all of their resources, which include the largest oil reserves in the world. They have ripened this moment, as they did in Iraq by starving the people and sanctioning (stealing) the money that belongs to the people of Venezuela. But you don’t have to go to Venezuela to see this for yourself. You can come to the Venezuelan Embassy in D.C. They are starving us out. Continue reading

This US-Backed Rightwing Coup Attempt in Venezuela Must Be Condemned

If there is a U.S. invasion of Venezuela, it will not go any better than other recent U.S. invasions. First of all, they will have to attack the poor barrios and kill thousands of poor, working class people of color who are the base of the “Bolivarian Revolution,” and whose lot has actually been improved by the socialist government’s programs.

A “successful” coup would be a huge disaster. First of all for Venezuelans, who would have an extreme right repressive U.S.-backed government imposed upon them. Secondly for all the people of Latin America, for whom the threat of ongoing U.S. domination would be renewed. Thirdly, for the peace-loving people of the U.S. and Canada, whose governments are creating economic pain, political chaos and a violent overthrown of the progressive government in Venezuela. Continue reading

America’s Coup Efforts in Venezuela Enter Frightening New Phase

A 75-page regime change manual prepared by the U.S. Global Development Lab, a branch of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) advocates the creation of rapid expeditionary development teams to partner with the CIA and U.S. Special Forces to conduct “a mix of offensive, defensive, and stability operations [in] in extremis conditions.” Some of these actions will, in all likelihood, involve combat operations.

On April 4, for the first time since its enactment, Congress used the War Powers Resolution to end unauthorized U.S. military involvement in Yemen. It is now imperative that Congress invoke the War Powers Resolution to prevent the president from escalating the dangerous U.S. economic and military aggression against Venezuela. Continue reading

The Trojan Horse of US “Aid” to Venezuela

Why stir up a new conflict in South America? If we want to give aid, give it through the Red Cross, already in Venezuela. Second, what menace is Venezuela to us? None at all, but as with Cuba, the US government is struck apoplectic by socialism, as if it is a threat to our national security. And why has our government compounded its crushing economic sanctions on Venezuela, while offering crumbs in humanitarian aid. Finally, it’s not possible to dissociate our intrusion into Venezuelan politics from oil, given that country has the largest proven oil reserves in the world. Continue reading