Putting the Trump Stamp on the Public

Now that Trump is in the White House, he wants to bring the family’s sensibility for branding to our local POs. The Trumpsters say it’s time to turn this historic public service over to the magic of the free market profit motive and the efficiency of bottom-line corporate management. You know, like airlines and cable companies. Continue reading

Return to Lender: Why Saving the Post Office Can Help Save Communities

Contrary to the right-wing myth, privatization is not the only way the USPS can survive in the Information Age. Instead, the Postal Service can become a more viable business and a more vital community institution by enhancing its public role. It can challenge Wall Street by bringing economic equity to Main Street. Continue reading

Don’t Shrink the US Postal Service; Expand It

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese Truthout http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/18737-dont-shrink-the-us-post-office-expand-it Last week we wrote aboutrebuilding the Commons as an antidote to the march toward greater privatization and top-down control of every aspect of our lives from public spaces to education, prisons, health care, resources … Continue reading