Qatar’s World Cup Spectacle Brought to You by Slavery

Michelle Chen In These Times The big controversies surrounding Qatar as the site of the 2022 World Cup have been the shady bidding process and fears that the desert heat will ruin the soccer games. But in the past few days, … Continue reading

The NFL Symbolizes Economic Unfairness in America

David Sirota truthdig Sports metaphors are the world’s universal vernacular because the games we play can be such easy-to-understand symbols of society’s larger conflicts. In sports-obsessed America, our football cliches are particularly sacrosanct—we use them to describe everything from … Continue reading

Bankrupt Detroit

Dave Zirin The Nation The headline juxtaposition boggles the mind. You have, on one day, “Detroit Files Largest Municipal Bankruptcy in History.” Then on the next, you have “Detroit Plans to Pay For New Red Wings Hockey Arena Despite … Continue reading