Pope and French Muslims Try Muslim-Christian Outreach Instead of ‘War on Terror’ Polarization

The pope said four things here that will be unwelcome to the right wing politicians in Europe and North America…No more succinct and sensible statement of the case could possibly be made, and you marvel at the combination of intellect and deep ethical insight of this man. Continue reading

We’re Learning the Wrong Lessons About Terror—and It’s Going to Cost Us

Just before ISIL operatives set off bombs in Brussels, the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks detonated a car bomb in Turkey near a transportation hub, killing 37 and injuring 70 more. In both Brussels and Ankara, innocent people were killed indiscriminately by fanatics who believe political causes sanctify murder. But while the world mourned Brussels, Ankara was treated as a mere regional event Continue reading

Trump’s religion test for immigrants is standard practice in Israel

The widespread political condemnation of Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States and for surveillance of mosques was pretty great yesterday. American leaders left and right said that such policies are unconstitutional and counter to U.S. values. But those leaders are strong supporters of Israel, and Israel practices many of the policies that Trump wants the U.S. to implement. Continue reading