Shut Down the Democratic National Convention

The loss of faith in the political system and neoliberal ideology is widespread. The corporate elites are pouring $5 billion into the carnival of presidential electoral politics in a desperate bid to keep us mesmerized and controlled. Democracy is endlessly invoked on the airwaves to legitimize the corporate and political forces that have destroyed it. Congress has an approval rating of 11 percent. Half of qualified voters are not registered to vote, and half of registered voters do not go to the polls. A little more than half of 25 percent—no more than 15 percent—of the electorate determines who becomes president. And this is the way the elites want it. Continue reading

To Pay for Subsidies to Massive Corporations, States Are Waging War on Poor Families

By deploying sensational language and fantastical imagery to stir outrage about single mothers “living off the public dole,” politicians have succeeded in diverting attention away from America’s real “welfare queens”: Defense contractors, arms manufacturers, oil giants, and low wage employers, from Walmart to McDonald’s. Continue reading

The Real Irish-American Story Not Taught in Schools

Sadly, today’s high school textbooks continue to largely ignore the [Irish] famine, despite the fact that it was responsible for unimaginable suffering and the deaths of more than a million Irish peasants, and that it triggered the greatest wave of Irish immigration in U.S. history. Nor do textbooks make any attempt to help students link famines past and present. Continue reading