Symptoms of a Godless New America: The Surrogate Spirituality of Body Art

My young coffee companion had considered the old God to be deaf to her, while dramatic and clannish images seemed to offer connection and community. She seemed comforted by the knowledge that, though exotic, they were anthropomorphic and readily accessible—esteemed virtues in a world grown accustomed to fast delivery. In sum, they filled in much that’s been missing from the churchgoer’s God. Continue reading

How not to talk about Muslims after a Fringe Terrorist Group attacks

Muslims are a sixth of humankind and hail from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicities, and languages. There are 40 million Chinese Muslims. There are 23 million Russian ones. Ethiopian Muslims and Senegalese Muslims have little in common despite being African, and neither has much in common with Bangladeshi Muslims. To tag all of them with the actions of some violent Brussels slum-dwellers of North African heritage is weird. Continue reading