NPR’s Report on Amazon Is Essentially an Infomercial

The “reality” behind Amazon’s fast delivery time and its record-breaking $1 trillion valuation, and CEO Jeff Bezos’ record-breaking $150 billion personal fortune, isn’t just “forecasting” or smarter robotics or sexier tech, it’s what’s it’s always been: a faceless network of millions of workers—abused, neglected, overworked and underpaid—and environmental externalities the public will be mopping up for centuries Continue reading

Criminalizing Journalism: Manning, Media and You

Josh Stearns freepress On Tuesday, Bradley Manning was acquitted of “aiding the enemy” for leaking 700,000 classified government documents, including a video of an American airstrike in Baghdad that killed 12 civilians, among them two Reuters journalists. While aiding the enemy was … Continue reading