Israel’s Stranglehold on American Politics

The longer the ruling elites ignore Israel’s outsized, transparent and often illegal meddling in the American political system and Israel’s brutal oppression of Palestinians and censor and attack those such as Rep. Ilhan Omar who have the temerity to name this interference and the human rights abuses perpetrated by Israel, the more it gives credence to the racists, bigots, conspiracy theorists and white hate groups, many rooted in the Christian right, who are the real anti-Semites. Continue reading

Public Rebuke of Ilhan Omar for Substantive Critique of Israeli Policy a Disgrace

Rep. Omar’s willingness to voice badly needed and substantive critiques about Israeli government policies and disturbing trends in American foreign policy has earned her public condemnation, slander, and even threats of physical violence. Instead of throwing her under the bus Democratic leadership should have Rep. Omar’s back in pushing back against increasingly dangerous attacks and threats from the far right. — Heidi Hess, CREDO Continue reading