Something That Doesn’t Love a Wall. A President Who Does.

What is true and awful is the impact of this idiotic federal shutdown—a lockout, really—tied to the Trump tantrum over his preposterous wall, which the majority of the public does not even want. Hundreds of thousands who count on a federal paycheck already are—or soon will be—struggling to buy groceries or pay the rent. Add those without food stamps or contract employees waiting to be paid or small businesses anticipating a loan and on and on. It’s ridiculous, unnecessary and cruel. Continue reading

Trump Administration Redirected $10 Million From FEMA to ICE at Start of Hurricane Season

Sen. Jeff Merkley, who found the document while seeking ways to combat the child separations, called it a “scandal,” linking it to the financial pressures of family detentions at the border. “And for what?” he said. “To implement their profoundly misguided ‘zero tolerance’ policy.” Continue reading