Billionaire-Funded Fascism Is Rising in America

History shows that the two primary regulators within a capitalist system that provide for the emergence of a middle class are progressive taxation and a healthy social safety net. Tragically, Republicans are today planning to destroy both. Republicans last year passed a multi-trillion-dollar tax break for the rich, with a few-hundred-dollars bone tossed in for working people. Meanwhile, Republicans are already hard at work dismantling the last remnants of the New Deal and the Great Society. Continue reading

The Capitalist Manifesto: Let Poor People Die

In a profit-driven world in which the victims rather than the predators are blamed for their own bitter misfortunes, empathy is muted. Social consciousness would correct that. But that won’t happen as long as the media is promoting individual (human and corporate) gains over collective, cooperative efforts to restore our country to health. Continue reading

If the Economy Is So Great, Why Are Workers Miserable?

Working stiffs see the continued offshoring of their jobs and deliberate decimation of their rights and union bargaining power. They see leaders of both political parties with their hats in hand for corporate dollars, while rigging the rules to gut everything from overtime pay to health care. And they see the power elite rushing to a robot economy that will leave them and their children out in the cold. Continue reading