What Could the French “Yellow Vests” Teach Us about Ourselves?

If the stress of making ends meet and economic inequality were the distinguishing causal forces of the Yellow Vest movement in France, shouldn’t Americans have been the first to hit the streets? What’s to explain the relative quiescence of Americans confronting more extreme violations of basic fairness than their French counterparts? Continue reading

Green New Deal? Bring It! But Don’t Forget Your Union Card

Ocasio-Cortez’s draft proposal for a Green New Deal Committee contains bold provisions for achieving 100 percent renewable energy, a federal jobs guarantee, a commitment to mitigate racial, regional, and gender-based wealth and income inequalities, and a plan to use innovative public financing to achieve these goals. While these are all important aspects of a Green New Deal, what’s missing are any terms for protecting — let alone strengthening — the right to organize. Continue reading

The Egregious Lie Americans Tell Themselves

There’s a verbal tic particular to a certain kind of response to a certain kind of story about the thinness and desperation of American society; about the person who died of preventable illness or the Kickstarter campaign to help another who can’t afford their cancer treatment even with “good” insurance; about the plight of the homeless or the lack of resources for the rural poor; about underpaid teachers spending thousands of dollars of their own money for the most basic classroom supplies; about train derailments, the ruination of the New York subway system and the decrepit states of our airports and ports of entry: “I can’t believe in the richest country in the world …” Continue reading

7 Economic Terms That Are Often Used to Trick People Out of Their Money

There are so many plans these days to “transform” an area via a “public-private partnership” that will “restore” and “fix” the local economy and lead to an economic “recovery” for the “brave” group of “stakeholders” who’ve come together to make it happen. The business leader drumming up support is often a “good friend” of the politicians in charge. To entertain another plan, the people in power warn, will “hurt” the economy. No matter the project, the end result is the corporation pays little to no tax, and gives little to nothing to the community — not even the promised jobs. Continue reading