Travel to Cuba Falls Victim to John Bolton’s Wrath

John Bolton hates the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua—calling them the “troika of tyranny” and is determined to use his time as National Security Advisor to eliminate the vestiges of socialism in our hemisphere. Furious that he has been unable to successfully orchestrate a coup in Venezuela, Bolton is now lashing out at Cuba, explicitly punishing the nation for its support of Venezuelan President Maduro. Continue reading

Dividing the Pie: Cuba’s Ration System After 50 Years

La libreta, the Cuba ration booklet, encapsulates the debate about Cuba’s socialist experiment. Detractors say that the fact that food is still rationed after 50 years proves the failure of a bureaucratic, state-run economy sapping the entrepreneurial spirit of workers and farmers.

Supporters say the ration book exemplifies the Cuban government’s commitment to the health and welfare of its people in the face of a relentless US blockade. Continue reading