How Capitalism Is Killing Us

In the US, enthusiastic bipartisan support for war – a pillar of the imperialist enterprise – translates into not only mass death for people on the receiving end of bombs and drone attacks, but also large-scale environmental poisoning. As Newsweek observed in 2014, the US Defence Department is one of the top polluters on the planet. Continue reading

If Nature Is Sacred, Capitalism Is Wicked

Radical change cannot take place in the absence of mass anti-capitalist movements that recognize the interplay between economic interests and environmental degradation. The leaders of the struggle for a sustainable, equitable future will not, therefore, be corporate executives and billionaire philanthropists, with their deep ideological commitments to the economic order that so enriched them and their businesses. Rather, leading the way will be the indigenous communities that have for so long been forced to endure relentless dispossession in the name of business. Continue reading

The Mad Violence of Casino Capitalism

American society is morally bankrupt and politically broken, and its vision of the future appears utterly dystopian… The politics of terror, a culture of fear, and the spectacle of violence dominate America’s cultural apparatuses and legitimate the ongoing militarization of public life and American society. Continue reading