On Not Writing Recommendation Letters for the Occupiers in Palestinian Territories

I will not personally cooperate with the evil and criminality that is this occupation. And it seems likely to me that I will at some point be talking about BDS in the classroom. I don’t think it is the place of a university administration to coerce faculty or other instructors’ conscience on these issues, which are much more complex than they seem to realize. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season, to Boycott!

“Water Protectors,” the opponents of the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) are calling for divestment from banks that fund the DAPL and people around the nation are withdrawing their money from these banks, and placing them in credit unions, or smaller banks, not involved in financing the DAPL. The divestment itself is not viewed as “divisive.” Rather it is the action of people who understand that their money would otherwise support the side they oppose, on an issue they feel very strongly about. Continue reading

Israel Is Silencing Opposition: Who Will Stand Up?

Instead of observing their international legal obligations to hold Israel accountable for violations of human rights, the United States and members of the EU are chilling, punishing, and criminalizing what is protected political speech and one of the most effective non-violent tools available to Palestinians to combat the occupation. Continue reading

Fighting Israeli Occupying Forces Is “Terrorism.” Boycotting Is “Anti-Semitism.” What’s Allowed?

If fighting Israeli occupying forces is barred as “terrorism,” and nonviolent boycotts against Israel are barred as “anti-Semitism,” then what is considered a legitimate means for Palestinians and their allies to resist and end the decadeslong, illegal Israeli occupation? The answer is: nothing. Continue reading