Make Los Altos a Sanctuary City


Los-Altos-Downtown-250We will send the following letter to Los Altos City Council. We will follow up in person at a City Council meeting in January. To add your name, please scroll down to the bottom of the letter or click here.

Letter to City Council

We are writing to urge Los Altos to join hundreds of cities around the country, as well as a growing number of local communities, to take steps to make Los Altos a sanctuary city.

The weeks since November 8 have seen an ominous increase increase in hate speech, threats, and violence across the country. In our community there are people who are concerned that they will be targeted because of their religion, culture, immigration status, or sexual orientation. It’s particularly heartbreaking to think of the DREAMers–children and young adults who have lived here almost their whole lives and now face the threat of deportation because they signed up for the DACA program and the federal immigration authorities now have their names.

It’s critical that we don’t allow the the current climate to become ‘normal.’ We encourage you to take a positive step by passing a unanimous resolution that affirms our respect for human rights and diversity, and declares that we will not participate in any federal efforts to undercut those principles. (For reference, here is link to the resolution that Palo Alto passed on Monday Dec 12.

After the resolution is in place, we also encourage you to consider whether any specific policies might be helpful in providing support for vulnerable people who live, work, or attend school in our community. We look forward to supporting you in that effort.