[Intel Report] Trump Is Going to Make a Huge Mistake on the Iran Deal


match-1100912_640The President and Congress are not only playing with fire. They are lighting it themselves.

Wendy R. Sherman, The New York Times: Trump Is Going to Make a Huge Mistake on the Iran Deal

If President Trump undermines the nuclear deal, the repercussions for American foreign policy will be disastrous: It will drive a wedge between the United States and Europe, weakening the critical trans-Atlantic relationship and increasing the influence of Iran, Russia and China. And when the president travels to China next month seeking support to deal with North Korea’s nuclear program, he will find the Chinese less willing partners. Washington’s credibility will be damaged for the next time we want countries to agree to something, such as condemning Iran’s malicious behavior in the Middle East or tightening the screws on North Korea. Indeed, we are likely to lose any possibility of dialogue with North Korea because Pyongyang will assume the United States will not honor its commitments, even on multilateral agreements. Unpredictability — a favorite self-justification for the president’s erratic actions — has its place as a negotiating tactic, but when it comes to war and peace, reliability and credibility matter most. CONTINUE READING

Joshua Keating, Slate: Trump Will Try to Decertify the Iran Deal Without Killing It. How Does That Work?

Decertification on its own wouldn’t pull the U.S. out of the deal, but it would start the clock ticking for Congress, which would have 60 days to decide whether to reimpose the sanctions lifted under the JCPOA. Normally, new Iran sanctions are about the easiest thing short of renaming a post office to pass through Congress, but things may be different this time. It was easy for members of Congress to call for ripping the deal to shreds when Obama was in office, but now the president is actually giving them the opportunity to do so. Some, such as Sen. Ted Cruz, no doubt still want to. But at least a few Republicans as well as hawkish Democrats who opposed the deal two years ago realize that if the JCPOA disappears, flawed as it may be, there’s no Plan B to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. (The dynamic is not all that dissimilar from Republican vows to repeal Obamacare.) CONTINUE READING

Jake Johnson, MintPress News: Trump To Decertify Iran Nuke Deal: Trita Parsi Weighs In

The deal did not create peace, but it created an OPPORTUNITY for the United States and Iran to lose each other as enemies. The problem is: Some in Washington fear losing Iran as an enemy more than they fear Iran’s nuclear program or its regional policies. The same problem exists in Iran. But it’s the US – via Trump – that is pulling out of the deal, not Iran. While Washington obsessed about the idea that enmity with the US was a pillar of the revolution, it was blind to its own addiction to enmity. CONTINUE READING