[Intel Report] Trump and Netanyahu Risk Repeating Mistakes of Iraq War with Iran


Trump_NetanyahuIt is telling that Netanyahu, who has sought to undermine international diplomacy with Iran, was one of the only observers impressed by Trump’s inflammatory UN General Assembly speech.

Trita Parsi, National Iranian American Council: Trump and Netanyahu Risk Repeating Mistakes of Iraq War with Iran

The notion that Trump can be trusted with re-negotiating the JCPOA, as Netanyahu suggested, is laughable. Not only did the agreement take two years to negotiate in the first place, but no other parties to the accord – including our partners in Europe – support re-opening the nuclear file. The possibility of any future diplomacy bearing fruit hinges on the U.S. backing away from its threat to upend the most important agreement between the U.S. and Iran in more than three and a half decades. CONTINUE READING

Robin Wright, The New Yorker: Did Trump Just Make Iran More Popular?

Trump’s tough talk and sophomoric antics may have had the opposite effect of what he intended, however. Across the board, the world’s other major powers, most of America’s closest allies, and the vast majority of governments at the United Nations this week made clear that they favor the deal. They are siding with Iran this time. CONTINUE READING

Mitchell Plitnick, LobeLog: Trump Slams Iran Deal at UN: What Next?

A key point here is that, while Trump may be able to find a way to spin a collapse of the JCPOA as Iran’s fault to domestic audiences, our allies will not likely be fooled. That means the US making the deal so worthless that Iran pulls out would severely undermine trust in any deal the US makes.

In the long term, that is damage that will surely last far beyond Trump’s time in office. It will take a long time before other countries can believe that, even if they trust the next person in office, that person’s successor won’t back out of a deal the US signed in good faith. CONTINUE READING

Photo: US Embassy Tel Aviv / CC BY 2.0