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Facebook users can now set up a fundraiser for PPJC
and help us earn matching funds on Giving Tuesday!

November 28 is Giving Tuesday, a day when non-profits raise money online. This year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match Giving Tuesday donations made on Facebook (up to $2 million total). You can help us get in on the matching by setting up a fundraiser for PPJC on your own Facebook page. Leverage the power of social media to support grassroots activism!

It’s quick and easy to do! Here’s how …

 STEP 1 
Go to PPJC’s Facebook page by clicking here (we’re penin.pjc) and scroll down until you find a “Create a Fundraiser” post. Like this …

01 create a fundraiserClick on “Create a fundraiser”
Or jump straight to our Facebook page now

 STEP 2 
This is really just a summary page of what’s about to happen …

02 get started

Click on “Get Started”
Or jump straight to our Facebook page now

 STEP 3 
Set the parameters for your fundraiser. First, make sure Peninsula Peace and Justice Center appears in the “Who are you raising money for?” window. Then set a fundraising goal. Facebook will default to $200 and we think that’s a great goal! But feel free to make it more or less. (Even if you exceed your goal, you can still keep fundraising for us.) Finally, set an end date for your fundraiser. Choose a date for sometime after November 28, to ensure that it will be active for Giving Tuesday.

03 A basics

Click “Next”
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 STEP 4 
Here’s where you get to inspire fellow activists! You could use the Facebook defaults to tell people why they should donate to PPJC, but it is much more powerful to tell your own story. What inspires you? Why is PPJC important to you? Do you have a favorite memory of a PPJC event? Remember, you are trying to inspire others to support our work. Be inspirational!

04 tell your story

Click “Next”
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 Step 5 
Select a picture to illustrate your post. We really like the one Facebook defaults to (it’s the featured picture on our Facebook page). But Facebook will offer you lots of options from photos that have been posted to our page. You can pick something that goes with the story you just wrote or something that’s really eye-catching.

05 picture

Click “Create”
Or jump straight to our Facebook page now

 Step 6 
Facebook will show you a list of your Facebook friends. Sending your fundraising message directly to your friends will have the most impact! This is where social media really shines, because it really works. Send to all your friends or a select just a few. Anything you do will help spread the word. The last step is to hit the “Post” button to put your fundraiser on your timeline. You can add one final note to inspire your friends to donate. (PPJC’s director added, “Support grassroots activism! Donald Trump will hate you for it, so there’s that.”) Here’s what your fundraiser will look like on your page.

06 done
Got it? Okay, then, go to PPJC’s Facebook page now.

Thank you so much for doing this.