How Democracy Dies: Big Brother is Erasing the Public Record

Today, when it comes to repeated acts meant to erase reality’s record and memory, it wouldn’t be Eastern Europe or Russia that came to mind but the United States. With the release of the Mueller report, the word “redaction” is once again in the news, though for those of us who follow such things, it seems but an echo of so many other redactions, airbrushings, and disappearances from history that have become a way of life in Washington since the onset of the Global War on Terror. Continue reading

Let’s Re-fund America

The powerhouses of Wall Street have tunneled directly into the cloistered backrooms of Washington deal making, extracting trillions of dollars worth of government bailouts, special tax breaks and regulatory favors every year. Yet, in a stupefying act of hypocrisy, they have also been the major force pushing policymakers to embrace extreme laissez-faire bunkum and to inflict the most austere budgetary minginess on the American people. Continue reading

Uber’s plans include attacking public transit

In a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the ride-hail company reports that it seeks, as part of its growth strategy, not just to get people out of private cars but to get them off public buses and trains. Those public services would be replaced by Uber Buses, now being tested in Cairo. Uber is telling Wall Street that its future as a company may depend on its ability to convince people to take private cars and buses instead of public transit, starving transit and ultimately forcing everyone to pay Uber to get around. Continue reading

Creeping Toward Tyranny

The mechanisms that once made democracy possible have withered and died. We no longer have elections free of corporate control; real legislative debate; an independent press; academic institutions that vigorously examine and critique the nature of power; or diplomacy, negotiation, détente and compromise. The Republican Party, which has been transformed into a Trump personality cult, will not stop Trump. Neither will the Democratic Party leadership which thinks Trump will be an easy target in the 2020 presidential election. That the Democratic Party elites place their hope to regain power in Joe Biden, a goofy male version of Clinton, is yet another example of the colossal failure of the democratic process. The ruling elites are out of touch with the growing social inequality, economic stagnation, suffering, disempowerment, and rage that afflict over half the population. Continue reading

The U.S. Government has turned against U.S. Citizens!

The White House has decided it has the power to take over a sovereign country and steal all of their resources, which include the largest oil reserves in the world. They have ripened this moment, as they did in Iraq by starving the people and sanctioning (stealing) the money that belongs to the people of Venezuela. But you don’t have to go to Venezuela to see this for yourself. You can come to the Venezuelan Embassy in D.C. They are starving us out. Continue reading

Trump’s Attacks on Me Target Women, People of Color & Immigrants Everywhere

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar addressed a crowd of black women leaders from around the country in front of the Capitol building Tuesday at a rally in her defense, following a series of right-wing attacks against her. Death threats against Omar have spiked in recent weeks after President Trump tweeted a video juxtaposing her image with footage of the 9/11 attacks. Congresswoman Omar is one of the first two Muslim congresswomen in history and the first member of Congress to wear a hijab. She has repeatedly been accused of being anti-Semitic for criticizing the power of the Israeli lobby in Washington and questioning U.S.-Israeli relations. Despite the threats, she has refused to be silent, continuing to speak out against racism, Islamophobia, right-wing violence and anti-Semitism. Omar — who was born in Somalia and came to the United States as a refugee — said on Tuesday, “I’m a survivor of war. And if I survived militia, I certainly can survive these people.” Continue reading

Donald Trump Is the Most Impeachable President in American History

Donald Trump is the most impeachable president in American history.

(1) Trump and his henchmen have brazenly, openly, and defiantly refused to faithfully execute the laws of the land as required in Article 2, section 3 of the Constitution. By not enforcing the law, he has opened the floodgates for deadly emissions from various industries that are getting into the lungs of millions of Americans.

(2) He violates the constitution, federal statutes, and international treaties with his war crimes anywhere he wants to conduct them around the world. Bolton and Pompeo are prime examples of unindicted war criminals. These men violently threaten regimes, except those run by Trump’s favorite dictators, as if there are no laws whatsoever to restrain their dangerous missions.

(3) There are Trump’s campaign finance violations, his tax frauds, and his threats to use blanket pardons of Trump associates who are now convicted criminals.

(4) Another standard for impeachment is the widely quoted criterion by Alexander Hamilton – behavior that constitutes “abuse or violation of some public trust.” How about Trump’s over ten thousand recorded lies or misleading fabrications? How about his bigotry, misogyny and lying about his sexual misconducts and payoffs? How about Trump allowing the enrichment of his businesses by foreign governments spending lavishly at his hotels and other properties, in violation of our Constitution’s emoluments clause?

(5) The Congress was handed a mass of evidence by the Mueller Report and Congressional hearings are likely to find this evidence will provide a solid basis for impeachment.
Continue reading

This US-Backed Rightwing Coup Attempt in Venezuela Must Be Condemned

If there is a U.S. invasion of Venezuela, it will not go any better than other recent U.S. invasions. First of all, they will have to attack the poor barrios and kill thousands of poor, working class people of color who are the base of the “Bolivarian Revolution,” and whose lot has actually been improved by the socialist government’s programs.

A “successful” coup would be a huge disaster. First of all for Venezuelans, who would have an extreme right repressive U.S.-backed government imposed upon them. Secondly for all the people of Latin America, for whom the threat of ongoing U.S. domination would be renewed. Thirdly, for the peace-loving people of the U.S. and Canada, whose governments are creating economic pain, political chaos and a violent overthrown of the progressive government in Venezuela. Continue reading