[Intel Report] What the Health? House GOP’s Tax Bill Would Trigger A $25 Billion Cut To Medicare


private-jet-2360656_640Seniors on Medicare might have fewer choices. providers. Farmers would suddenly lose their safety net. Meals on Wheels would no longer receive funding. Rural investment would decline …

Alice Olstein, Talking Points Memo: What the Health? House GOP’s Tax Bill Would Trigger A $25 Billion Cut To Medicare

Seniors on Medicare might have fewer choices for health care providers. Farmers would suddenly lose the safety net provided by price support programs that help farms stay in business when prices are low. Rural investment would decline due to a loss of support for agricultural research and business loans in rural areas. Meals on Wheels would no longer receive funding from the Social Services Block Grant. People with disabilities would lose the support provided by vocational rehabilitation grants that help them stay in the workforce. And there would be huge disruptions of travel and trade into the United States due to sequestration cuts within Citizenship and Immigration Services and Customs and Border Protection. CONTINUE READING

Briefing Room Blog, The Hill: Senate bill includes tax break on private jets

A measure in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would lower taxes on some of the payments made by owners of private aircraft to management companies that help maintain, store and staff those planes for owners.

The language would exempt owners or leasers of private aircraft from paying taxes on certain costs related to the upkeep and maintenance of the jets, according to a description from the Joint Committee on Taxation.

The measure is attracting attention following recent controversies involving Cabinet officials’ use of private jets. CONTINUE READING

Ella Nilsen, Vox: A millionaire explains why he wants to pay more taxes

“There’s a possibility of things getting much worse if we have even more disparity between the top people and the rest of the people, leading toward maybe even civil unrest. I don’t want to live in a country like apartheid South Africa or a banana republic or something, with a few rich people living behind walls and guarded compounds and being driving around in armored cars. I remember going on vacation to some small island someplace once with my kids, and it didn’t take long to realize we didn’t even quite enjoy that environment. And I don’t want the United States to be like that. Even if it’s for my own personal, selfish reasons. So that’s where I come from.” CONTINUE READING